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Express Facial


The perfect add-on to any massage course, a quick and effective treat for your skin that includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and moisturization. 


Foot Massage

A technique that involves working on the feet with pressure to promote relaxation and health


Scalp Massage

Helps to release tension in your forehead, neck, and head, and to stimulate circulation and relaxation.


Hot Stone Treatment

Warmed stones are positioned on parts of your body to maximize the therapeutic benefit.


Detox Foot Scrub

Natural bamboo & charcoal scrub is used to exfoliate dead foot tissues & rejuvenates the skin of the feet.


doTERRA Boost

Upgrade your massage to new levels of serenity using the highest quality essential oils from doTERRA.  (Available in

Peppermint for clear breathing,  Lavender for relaxation, Lemon for detoxication and Frankincense for clarity) .



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